Frequently Asked Questions

Pura Vida Caravaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other rental companies, Pura Vida caravaning is a small company formed by people who have been (and are) caravaners. Nobody knows your needs better than us and nobody will prepare the motorhome with such enthusiasm for you to enjoy it. Small companies are all about advantages. Here you will be "the customer" and not just another customer.
Moreover, our motorhomes have been chosen for their quality, not for their profitability. They come from the most prestigious manufacturers and are equipped with everything you need. The prices are all-inclusive and there is no room for extras: everything comes as standard.

Before the start of the trip, we will explain everything about how it works. You will also be given instructions on how to use the motorhome. If you are still not sure, don't worry, we are at your disposal at all times.

All our motorhomes have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,500 kilos and can therefore be driven with a B1 licence.

You have to pay attention to everything, especially if you are driving a vehicle of this size for the first time. You will quickly adapt to the width and the length will only limit your manoeuvrability. With the tall one, you have to pay close attention to toll booths, petrol stations, balconies, trees...

Before booking and paying a part of the rental, you should know the general conditions of our service as well as the basic operation and rules of use of the motorhomes. Remember that you are going to spend your holidays in them and the more time you spend getting to know them before you start, the less time you will have to spend afterwards and therefore the more time you will have to spend enjoying your holidays.

You don't have to pay anything extra.
In rentals with limited mileage you must be clear about the routes you are going to drive. If you exceed the maximum allowed, you must pay the corresponding amount upon delivery of the vehicle.

If you need help, contact us

If you decide to cancel your booking, these penalties will be applied to the amount of the reservation already paid:
1. If you communicate the cancellation 30 days before the start date, we will apply 50% of the amount paid.
2. If you communicate the cancellation between 30 and 16 days before the start date, we will apply 80% of the amount paid.
3. If you communicate the cancellation between 15 days and the start date we will apply 100% of the amount paid.

If you decide to stay longer, and provided the vehicle is available, you must give us at least 3 days' notice before the end of the rental period. If possible, we will authorise the delay and we will extend the rental at the corresponding rates. If the opposite happens, there is a delay in the return, the amounts corresponding to the days delayed multiplied by three will be applied.

The driver must be at least 25 years of age on the date of rental and have held a B1 licence for at least 2 years. If, in addition, one of the accompanying persons is also driving, it is essential that this is communicated before the rental is made. The details of all drivers must be stated in the rental contract and a copy of their respective licences must be presented.

The amount of the deposit is determined by the amount that the insurance company charges us as an excess for the comprehensive insurance that we have contracted with them. With your deposit we cover this possible debt. Don't worry, we will return it to you at the end of the contract. If you paid it with your credit card, it will be retained for the duration of the rental.

Deposits are made to cover possible damages. Once the motorhome has been delivered and within 24 hours of its return, if there is no damage, the deposit will be returned. On collection of the vehicle, we always carry out an initial inspection with the client and draw up an initial delivery report in which you should note any type of incident that you notice. On delivery of the vehicle, we will return the return report with you. In the event that deficiencies are found in the return, the deposit will be retained during the time it takes to draw up the corresponding repair estimates. In cases where insurance companies or third parties are involved, the deposit will be retained until we have confirmation from the company.

Can I take out an insurance policy to eliminate the cost of the excess?

All our motorhomes are covered by the corresponding insurance. It includes compulsory and supplementary civil liability, legal assistance in traffic offences, own damage (with an excess of 600€), legal defence, damage claims, travel assistance from kilometre 0, civil liability for the load, breakage of windows and meteorological phenomena and damage caused by running over game species. In the coach, together with the vehicle instructions and documentation, you will have a copy of the contracted policy.

It is totally independent. Even so, you should make rational use of energy and water: they are limited and depending on where you are travelling it will be easier or less difficult to recharge them. Bear in mind that the water in the tank may not be drinkable.

The speed limit in Spain is 100 km/h on motorways and dual carriageways and 90 and 80 km/h (depending on the type of road) on other roads. In urban areas it is always 50 km/h. Our vehicles are equipped with more than enough engines to reach higher speeds. Although the vehicle can do it, we do not recommend you to do it. Motorhomes are very light vehicles for the volume they have, which makes them very sensitive to any kind of sudden manoeuvre or wind pressure. In addition, their bodywork is made of polyester, which makes them even more sensitive to any kind of blow, however small it may be. Motorhomes are designed to enjoy the journey, not to run. Enjoy.

Yes, they are all diesel. Be careful when refuelling. On the outside of the vehicle you will find two openings: water and diesel. Don't confuse them. It could be the end of your holiday.

As long as there is no specific signage prohibiting this, yes. These signs, which do exist, are usually in car parks in picturesque locations.

As long as you have the external power connection connected, you will have 220v. You also have an inverter that will supply 200v off-grid. Do not use it too much, at this voltage the battery will discharge quickly. In the meantime the vehicle has a 12v power supply. All electrical appliances installed in the motorhome run on 12v, they do not need an external power supply. To charge your mobile phone, tablet or laptop you have several USB sockets that are always operational.

They can be downloaded from the sites indicated. In some Spanish cities and in almost all European cities there are numerous sites for this. There are also a growing number of service areas that offer the possibility of emptying, in addition to campsites.

Yes, all vehicles are heated and their exterior insulation allows you to be comfortable inside at low outside temperatures. Please note that if you are travelling in winter you may need chains, you may need to top up your supplies more often...

Our motorhomes are equipped with rear bicycle racks for two or four bicycles and our motorhomes have a spacious garage for four bicycles. Remember that if they are placed at the rear, they protrude from the floor of the vehicle, so you must have the V20 sign in place. Bicycles will always come in handy for getting to nearby places without having to move the motorhome all the time.

The clean water tank has a capacity of about 100 litres, the grey water tank about 90 litres and the black water tank about 10 litres. The amount of water stored can be seen at any time on the electronic control unit. We recommend that you do not exceed the alert levels. Plan your journey and plan your refuelling and unloading points. Whenever possible, travel with the tanks at a minimum, your fuel consumption will thank you for it. When handing over the motorhome, the tanks must be empty, otherwise an extra charge will be made.

The motorhomes are delivered clean and checked. They must be returned in the same way. Please note that if this is not done at the time of return, an extra charge will be made.

Our camper is 6 metres long, just over 2 metres wide and 2.60 metres high. Its weight is about 2,900 kilos empty. The motorhomes are larger: 7.4 metres long, 2.35 metres wide and 2.90 metres high. Its weight is also about 2,900 kilos empty. The rear overhang is long. Be careful when manoeuvring. Be aware of the dimensions and weights. Numerous signs that do not affect us when we are in our car do affect us now, limiting our passage to population centres, petrol stations, toll booths, mountain routes, beach entrances... Also take into account the dimensions when manoeuvring. If you still have any doubts, you will find all the dimensions written down when lowering the driver's sun visor.

As mentioned above, all our vehicles are covered by compulsory civil liability insurance. Any damage caused to a third party will therefore be covered. As far as own damage is concerned, damage caused by the driver to the motorhome itself is also covered, except for the first €600. It is this first €600 that is paid as a deposit. The costs of repairing damage caused to the motorhome itself by the customer during the rental period will be covered by this amount. Before the vehicle is handed over, an inspection will be carried out and a document will be signed in which any damage must be noted. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the same inspection will be carried out and the same report will be drawn up. In case of theft of the vehicle, you must report it immediately and send it to us. Personal belongings (clothes, footwear, toiletries and cosmetics) are included.

If you do not have cancellation insurance, the contract will be terminated and you will not be entitled to any compensation.

All our vehicles are checked prior to delivery. They also have their corresponding periodic revisions in authorised workshops to avoid any kind of surprise. If this should still happen, our insurance will take care of everything. The nearest authorised garage will take care of the repair. If the breakdown cannot be repaired immediately, our insurance will take care of everything.

In the event of any kind of unforeseen accident that prevents the continuation of your trip, the contract is automatically terminated, so there is no right to any refund of the amount paid or the remaining days of the rental.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, you must notify the insurance company so that the tow truck can take the vehicle to the most appropriate workshop. Once the repair has been authorised, we will order the garage to proceed with its execution. The insurance company will provide, if necessary, accommodation for the occupants of the vehicle.